Conditions of Carriage

The Conditions Of Carriage

Covid Safe and using Queensland Tourism and Accommodation Industry COVID Safe Plan to limit the risk of Covid spread.

We ask passengers to use hand sanitiser prior to boarding the train and to remain in their allocated seats for the duration of the Journey. Please try to Social Distance from other groups of passengers on the day.

We will be pre-screening all groups by questionnaire sent by email in the 72 hours prior to travel and will be rechecked on the day of travel to reduce the risk of Covid Spread.

Details will be kept for 56 days. Any person who is unwell will not be allowed on the service. Fares will be refunded if a booking is cancelled.


Passengers should note:

1. The Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway Co-op Ltd (QPSR)

  1. Will not be liable for any loss due to late running, delay or interruption of services
  2. Is not a common carrier.
  3. Excludes its liability to the extent permitted by the law and to that extent passengers travel at their own risk
  4. May Remove any person from a Train.
  5. Will not be liable to pay compensation for any alterations to the advertised timetable made by the Operation or Safety Manager or by the order of Queensland Rail, ONRSR or ATSB,


2. Passengers Must:

  1. Be in possession of a valid ticket when onboard the train and produce it for inspection when required.
  2. Leave the train or any part of it when required to do so.
  3. Obey the directions of QPSR Staff/Volunteers


3. Passengers May

  1. Take Prams, Wheelchairs or Luggage onboard if sufficient room is available with in the carriage. Should room not be sufficient then the above may be placed (folded) in the guards luggage compartment.
  2. Travel on the End Verandas of carriages provided
    1. They are over the age of 15
    2. Accompanied by an adult
    3. Are not carrying a baby in arms.


4. Passengers Must not:

  1. Travel on train without a valid ticket
  2. Litter, Spit, use foul or insulting language while on board train or at stations
  3. Smoke on the train or at Stations as these are Non Smoking Environments
  4. Place feet on the seats
  5. Pull Carriage Communication cord (except in the event of an emergency)
  6. Alight or Board a Train in Motion
  7. Enter or leave a carriage via a window or from the side furthest from the platform
  8. Open side doors or end platform gates without permission from QPSR Staff Member when train is Stationary.
  9. Travel on foot boards, steps, or any part of carriage not ordinarily accessible when that carriage is in motion
  10. Hinder others entering or leaving the carriage
  11. Excessively protrude any part of their body from window or from end platforms while train is in motion
  12. Throw items from train
  13. Leave stations platforms other then by exits or crossings provided
  14. Interfere with any railway or rollingstock equipment
  15. Bring dangerous goods on to Train or Railway Property.
  16. Bring alcohol, illicit or illegal drugs on to train
  17. Be under the influence of illicit or illegal drugs on a train
  18. Be under the influence of excessive amounts of alcohol on a train
  19. Leave children unaccompanied/unsupervised. Children must be accompanied at all times.
  20. Do anything to negatively affect the enjoyment of others.


5. Lost Property

  1. Is dealt with at QPSR stations as per CSM02


6. Tickets are

  1. for the date or journey for which they are issued and are non transferable
  2. not issued to children under 5 who are able to travel for free when accompanied by an adult
  3. available subject to the above conditions of carriage and the National Rail Safety act 2012.

PN: In these conditions the term “Train” means and includes locomotives, rollingstock used on any given day by QPSR.